Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some of you might know me, my name is Jules Snarr. I am the elementary school music teacher (south campus).  For those of you who don't know me, I have been a teacher on and off at Legacy Prep since the 2nd year our school doors opened.  I used to work at the junior high/high school teaching such classes as Drama, Beginning and Advanced Musical Theater. I have been in WAY to many productions to name, as an actor. Although I adore acting, my true passion is directing...  I have directed Junior High, High school and Professional productions all over the nation including, Salt Lake, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Vermont even a couple of productions in Toronto Canada!!  That's right, Ehh!!!  (ha ha) I LOVE working with kids.  I love teaching and I LOVE directing musicals to these younger aged children.  They are AMAZING!!!  

Aaron Wilcox will be my co-director on this production.  If your kids were in Annie recently, or if they currently attend the the south campus, they already know him very well.  He was an amazing help during Annie and is an instructor here at the south campus. Aaron was the very first student on to graduate from Legacy Prep.  His class had "one" graduate, HIM.. ha ha  He was in ALL of my musical theater classes and musicals, as well as one of my private vocal students.  He won BEST ACTOR IN UTAH out of all high school performers in Utah his senior year and was flown to New York City to compete in the Jimmy Awards for Best High School Actor in the United States.  He did not win that competition, but, was coached by Broadway Directors, Music Directors and a Bunch of NYU teachers.. He also performed on a Broadway Stage.  He Dances, He sings, He is an amazing musician and is an EXCELLENT addition to the production team.  

He and I are holding AUDITIONS for an "extra-curricular" after school musical for 2014/2015 4th and 5th graders... 
If your child is interested, here is what you need to know.....

First and foremost: rehearsals will be on Mondays, some fridays and some saturdays AT THE SOUTH CAMPUS!!!! I realize that our 5th and 6th graders are located at our North Campus, however, we will be rehearsing and performing on the south campus stage.. At our mandatory parent meeting, we will speak about carpooling...  It shouldn't be a problem to get a carpool on rehearsal days to transport your children to the south campus, only a few minutes away.  
Either way,  rehearsals are at the south campus... They will take place on Mondays From 3:30-6;00, some Fridays 3:30-6:00, and for leading characters-some Saturdays  Saturday rehearsals will be as follows-Cast A 10:30-12:30. And Cast B 1:00-3:00.   All rehearsals will begin the second week of school in the fall... 

WHEN are auditions:   MAY 8th and MAY 9th, !  
WHERE are auditions: south campus MUSIC ROOM
What TIME are auditions: 3:30-7:00 (both days)
HOW DO I SIGN UP for auditions??  You sign up online!!! Then show up for your audition
WHAT DO I DO FOR AUDITIONS??:  You need to prepare one song.  It should be NO LONGER THEN 1 MINUTE and from a broadway musical, or a disney movie that has music.  YOU MAY NOT SING WITH VOCAL TRACK!! You MUST use the KARAOKE version!!!  Easy way to find a karaoke song is to go onto youtube and type in the name of the song you want to sing, then type karaoke.  OR YOU CAN BRING SHEET MUSIC!!! I will have a piano there and will accompany any and all who bring sheet music.
I will be casting the show within a couple of days after auditions.. Hopefully everyone will know who made it by Monday, May 11th.
IS IT GUARANTEED THAT MY CHILD WILL MAKE IT INTO THE MUSICAL IF THEY AUDITION: NO, unfortunately I have tons and tons of children auditioning for this show.  I am looking for about 40-55 cast members... I have opened 84 audition times.. This year, I had 62 cast members between both Annie casts and it was CHAOTIC and hard to control at times..... 

DOES MY KID HAVE TO SING WELL TO BE IN THIS MUSICAL: Absolutely not, but they DO have to audition with a song.  This cast is HUGE!!  Aaron and I are going to try to find a place for as many characters as we can!!.  Even if your child cannot sing, they will be singing in the chorus numbers... SO please understand that even if your child cannot carry a tune in a bucket, I PROMISE they will LOVE being in these after school productions. They are a lot of work but SO much fun!!!
WHERE DO I FIND THE CAST LIST AFTER AUDITIONS??  This is the blog created for our cast and parents... Everything you need to know will be on this blog!!  MEMORIZE this website.  It will contain all information regarding this production!!!
DOES IT COST MONEY?:  YES.. It is $55/person.  This is due before the end of school, May 30, 2014.(if finances are a problem, please contact me privately and directly.
WHEN ARE REHEARSALS:  Rehearsals will start in the fall,1-2 weeks after school begins on MONDAYS!!!  SOME FRIDAYS and for leading characters SOME SATURDAYS (until January, then we will have full cast rehearsals on Saturdays and Mondays.... and the week before the show 2 to 3 full tech and dress rehearsals before opening night... but we will discuss this at the parent meeting)
WHERE are rehearsals:  Rehearsals will be at the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STAGE.. SOUTH CAMPUS... This means, you will need to pick your child up from the secondary and drive them to the elementary school.  I am sure parents can figure out carpools to make their lives easier on Mondays...
WHEN IS THE PRODUCTION:   This production will be in JANUARY 26-31 2015
DO I, the parent, HAVE TO HELP OUT!?:  It is not mandatory, however, I cannot put on a production without parent volunteers.  Every minute you spend helping with this production goes toward your parent volunteer hours for LPA.  This will include building, painting, assembling, costuming, concessions, ushers, bouncers, etc... There are a MILLION things I use you for, so come join the team!!! (your kids will think you are SUPER cool also!!)
BEHAVIOR IS A HUGE PART OF THE MUSICAL!!  This is an extracurricular musical opportunity for LPA students..key word is "EXTRA-CURRICULAR".  I do not get paid to put in 40-50 hours per week directing these musicals.  This is 100% in my free time, same with my co-directors and entire production team.  How I handle behavior issues in my "class" is TOTALLY different than how I handle behavior issues in this musical production.  There is a contract with a 2 strikes you are out clause, which both the parent and the student must sign before our first rehearsal in September.  I was forced to kick out three children from Annie for behavior issues and will not hesitate to do so in every musical I direct at LPA.  It is my right as a director to insist on good behavior during rehearsals.  We move VERY quickly and I need full attention.  Should you have questions about this, feel free to email me directly 


I REALLY hope to see your kids auditioning for this production!!!   I chose this one because it has a HUMONGOUS cast!!!
Musicals are SO much fun, they are a LOT of work.  A LOT!!!  But it is totally worth it!!!
It is going to be "MAGICAL"!!!

xoxo Jules and Aaron