Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I am putting together the programs.. Before I do, I wanted to make sure I have the correct information.

Please double check below and make sure everything is correct:

1. Correct spelling of name
2. Correct Cast
3. Correct Character names
4. Is your child listed at all???
(Names, titles and cast list at the end of this post)

Let's review what we discussed at our parent meeting!!! WOOT WOOT
1-Laundry Baskets.  Please send your kids costumes to the show in a laundry Basket
2-ALL black shirts MUST be tshirt style but LONG SLEEVES... no short sleeves please
3-If you have a cape in munchkinland, winkie guard or anyone else who is wearing a cape, please wear black pants, black shoes and black long sleeve shirt under it.
4-TIGHTS!!  Tights do not have to be striped.  if you can find them in plain colors, get them.  Also I heard that if you go to a soccer store they sell them for $4

5-JITTERBUG DANCERS:  Costumes; Black leggings, or jazz pants.  Black long sleeve tshirt.  Decorate it to look like a bug.. Feel free to use wings, glitter, bright colored stripes, or polka dots of all sizes...  just Buggy... 
6-DVD's.  I am definitely having the show filmed.  
Cost: $25 for first DVD.  $15 for every additional DVD.
Pay three different ways.  1) Cash 2) Check made payable to Jason McFarland 3) PayPal. Send payment to qqsaraqq@gmail.com One DVD will contain "both" casts.  No need to buy one dvd for cast A and one for cast B.

7. If you have had me pull tickets, I have them with me.. You are welcome to pay for them at any rehearsal.  No need to make a special trip into the school, Just come in when dropping off or picking up your child..
8.  Tickets will be sold at every rehearsal..

MAKEUP INFORMATION. Click this link  https://docs.google.com/a/legacyprep.org/document/d/1ZcJo6TKlB1nPOGjXtIz9TkRr7WWnec7mKelnLfgDlCQ/edit?usp=sharing
It is also on the upper right side of this blog.  

CAST.. Check it once, check it twice!! 
Abby Stratford #2 Munchkin, Ozian
Abria Ainsworth Munchkin, Jitterbug dancer, Ozian
Aiden Andrade Hunk (a),  tough kid-munchkin (a), jitterbug singers, ozian
Alex Earl Munchkin, Jitterbug dancer, Ozian
Alexa Holman Munchkin, Jitterbug dancer, Ozian
Alexandra Black Witch (a)
Alison Williams Bubble Blower, Jitterbug singer, Ozian

Ashley Aune Munchkin, Winkie Guard
Aubree Freeze Witch (b)
Austin Beyer Nikko the monkey (both casts)
Austyn Gardner Barrister (a)-Munchkin, Jitterbug singers, Winkie Guard
Avery Welsh Tot-Munchkin, Ozian
Blake Eliason Father1-Munchkin Ozian
Brock Smith Zeke (b), tough kid-munchkin (b), jitterbug singer, ozian
Brinley Merrit Miss Gulch (b), munchkin, jitterbug singer, winkie guard
Brynn Hardcastle Auntie Em (b), rowboat person, crow, jitterbug dancer, old woman-ozian
Christy Peterson Barrister-Munchkin, Jitterbug singers, Winkie Guard
Dallas Whitman Lion (a)
Daniel Higginson Scarecrow (a) 
Eldon Kingston  Scarecrow (b)
Emma Counter Munchkin, crow, Ozian
Emma Knopf Miss Gulch (a), munchkin, jitterbug singer, winkie guard
Gabi Hilbig Mayor(a)-Munchkinland, Ozian
Gabrielle Anderson Munchkin, Jitterbug Dancer, Ozian
Gavin Siddoway Hickory (b), tough kid-munchkin (b), jitterbug singer, ozian
Hannah Andrascik Munchkin, Apple and Haunted Tree, Ozian
Hannah Paxton Munchkin, Jitterbug Dancer, Ozian
Hannah Whipple Munchkin, Winkie Guard
Houston Naegle Lion (b)
Isaac Miller Uncle Henry (a), Munchkin, jitterbug singer, ozian
Ivy Ostler Toto (b), Munchking (a), Ozian (a) TOT
Izee Snarr Toto (a), Munchkin (b), Ozian (b) TOT
Jacob Bennett Tinman (a)
Jacob Gilbert Uncle Henry (b), mnchkin, jitterbug singer, ozian
Jacob Miller Hickory (a), tough kid-munchkin (a), jitterbug singer, ozian
Jaggar West Zeke (a), tough kid-munchkin (a), jitterbug singer, ozian
Jedrik Winkler Professor Marvel (b), Wizard of Oz (b)
Josie Kilpack Munchkin, Jitterubug singer, Ozian
Kaitin Curtis Tot-Munchkin, Jitterbug Singer, Ozian
Kaitlin Ricks Munchkin, Jitterbug singer, Winkie Guard
Kali Silos Munchkin, winkie guard
Kenley Dandurand Glinda (a), jitterbug dancer, ozian
Kennedy Taylor Munchkin, ,Jitterbug singer, Crow, Ozian
Kira Wies Munchkin, Ozian
Klara Laurence Dorothy (a)
Lauren Palmer Dorothy (b)
Lindsey Aune Munchkin, Winkie Guard
Liza Sonntag Munchkin, Doorman-Ozian
Logan Betts Hunk (b) , tough kid-munchkin (b), jitterbug singer, ozian
Maleah Taylor Munchkin, Apple and Haunted tree, Ozian
Malina Pututa Munchkin, Jitterbug dancer, Ozian
Max Staples Professor Marvel (a), Wizard of Oz (a)
Michaela Counter Munchkin, Ozian
Monet Lefler Glinda (b), jitterbug singer, Ozian
Pearl Bodell Mayor (b)-Munchkinland, Ozian
Ruby Hatch Coroner-Munchkin, Jitterbig singer, Ozian
Sara Winkler Munchkin, Jitterbug Singer, Ozian
Sara Woolston Auntie Em (a), cow-cyclone, crow, jitterbug singer, ozian
Savannah Bishop Munchkin, Apple and Haunted Tree, Ozian
Tate Rawlings Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie Guard

Thomas Falanchi #1 Munchkin, Winkie Guard
Trev Elliott Munchkin, Guard-Ozian
Vicky Thomas Tot-Munchkin, Ozian
Zach Wirthlin  Tinman (b)

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