Sunday, January 25, 2015

(notice our signup genius at the top of the right column for those of you who can't remember what you signed up to help with this week)  

People, thank you for being such a gigantic, beautiful, constant support during the past 5 months...  When I contacted Tams-Whitmark regarding this show, they informed me it was a "kids" musical, which usually runs 45 minutes long WITH an intermission.  After I had cast and held our first parent meeting, I still thought it a kids musical.

It wasn't until the first read through that Fiona and I looked at each other and realized this was WAY more then a 45 minutes musical.  This is a JUNIOR musical...  You have been SO generous with your time, your children and your support, I can hardly keep myself from crying as I type this email.

Yesterday so many of you amazing parents helped me set up the gym, cut out and tape the numbers to the chairs,  arrange the chairs, provide a beautiful potluck lunch for the kiddos... I mean, the list goes on and on and on... How can I ever thank you all for being so supportive and wonderful.  This is why your children are such great kids.. They have the BEST examples!!!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

What an incredible journey we have had to reach this point.. I wasn't sure if we were going to pull it off, but, gosh dangit, we did... And both casts are AMAZING.  Our chorus is AMAZING.  The show is awesome.  You should be very proud of your children.

Before I talk about calltime and what to expect this week, let me make a little note about our ticket sales:

Monday is MORE then sold out... I have added one more row, plus 2 benches to accommodate our guests.... It is going to be an amazing opening night for Cast A!!

Tuesday is SOLD OUT... (well all but two tickets... if you want one of these let me know.  Row G seat 21 and Row H Seat 3.  If more people show up on Tuesday, or any of you want more tickets this night we have an entire row I have added.. Row I...  My janitorial staff is picking up 55 more chairs from the north campus and bringing them over tomorrow night.

Wednesday is always the hardest night sell as it is mutual for a prominent religion and is usually attended the least.  These are the seats still available on Wednesday night. Single seat: Row E seat 3.......Row G seats 22, 23..... Row H seats 1-10 and all of the Row I which I just opened.

Thursday is nearly sold out... Here are the seats still available: Single seat front Row A, seat 3.......  fourth Row D 23-26.......  another single seat Row G seat 9....... and Row H seats 9-11 and seat 25-26

Friday is MORE then sold out.... I added Row I... Here are the remaining seats available for Cast A closing night: Single seat Row G seat 1.......  Row H seat 26.......  Row I seats 1-7 and 18-26.  

Saturday is MORE then sold out...  Here are the seats available for Cast B's closing night!!  Row G seats 19-22....... Row I seats 1-9 and 24-26  I opened these seats up yesterday... and they are nearly sold out already.

That is INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!!!  4 MORE then sold out shows.. I'm so excited for these kids.. that is amazing!!!!

Couple of reminders.

The DVD... We are filming on Wednesday and Thursday for SURE and hopefully Friday and Saturday for extra footage, but no promises... The cost of the DVD is $25 for one and $15 for any additional DVD's... Checks can be made out to Jason McFarland... or Paypal him at   I have a few checks for him.  This show is something I think everyone should have.. Some of these kids might never have an experience like this again?? Who knows what will happen in 7th grade?  Will they continue with the theater??  I hope so, but just in case, here is a perfect opportunity for you to remember this musical forever.

The Show:  Is starts at 6:30 pm... I am a STICKLER for starting on time my friends...  The theater doors will not be open until 6:10.  We will be doing last minute things on the stage before 6:00.

CALL TIME:  Call time is a time set for your children-the actors- to be to the school.  Call time for everyone is 5:30!!  at 5:30 your children need to be at the school.  IN FULL MAKEUP, FED DINNER, dressed in their opening costume and their laundry basket containing their other costumes.  
Please do not send your children with snacks or food of any kind from here on out.  Please feed them before they come.
Also ABSOLUTELY "NO" electronic devices may be used while the performance is going on.. 
Please send them with a book if you wish.

Toto, Scarecrow, Lion, Nikko, Witch and Tinman  Your call time is "4:30"... 4:30 for you guys!!!  FOUR THIRTY!!!!  Please DO NOT BE LATE!!!

Anyone who has signed up to help with makeup, please be at the school at 4:30 also.  Tandi would love THREE people backstage to help her every night. If this could happen, AWESOME!!!!

Well, that's about it my friends... Another openin' Another show!!!  I will see you guys tomorrow and Tuesday at your SOLD OUT shows!!!

Love to everyone and all of your amazing children!!!

Email me or TEXT ME IF YOU WANT A QUICK RESPONE (801-865-7563) any questions you have regarding the rest of this week.  
PS Thank you to those of you who donated concessions... I rented 5 more mics ($1,400), bought another wonderful speaker ($700), bought lights for the south campus stage and a spot light ($4000), not to mention building the amazing set, purchasing costumes and the 100 other little things that go into a production this size.. Everything thing costs money, right? It was $175 just for the batteries alone for the microphones... I have used every single penny of our $55/fee and all of our tickets sales to cover these costs... Thanks again for making it an amazing production!!!
xoxo Jules

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